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Toxins are just about everywhere these days, and they are interfering with your ability to reach your optimal health.  By bringing awareness to where toxins are, you can focus on reducing your exposure in the areas where you have control.  Even a few small steps to decreasing your toxic exposure can decrease your risk for cancer, hormonal and reproductive complications and more.  Did you know that there are toxins in your food, personal care products, and the air in your home?  Learning more about these toxins is the first step to creating healthy change.  Here are a few ways you can start to reduce your toxic exposure today:


  • Start buying organic produce.


  • Read the labels on the products you buy, and look up ingredients if you don’t know what they are.  Start buying more consciously.


  • Keep the air in your home cleaner by opening windows, buying houseplants, and investing in an air filtration system.