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healthy fertility foodA few weeks ago, I had a series of lunch meetings with some obgyns to share with them all about the work I’m doing with Womb to World Wellness. They loved it! Just like most people, they love getting more support themselves, and when they are able to provide their patients with what they need everyone feels supported.

At each of the offices I visited, an important topic kept coming up – information overload that leads to unnecessary fear and anxiety. The doctors I met with know that there is a lot of information out there, some of it good and some of it bad, or at least misleading. They have seen unnecessary fears overwhelm their patients and they know there’s a better way. One doctor even told me that they tell their patients not to Google things! That is such a wonderful and important piece of advice, especially when you are thinking about getting pregnant or are already pregnant, and here are 3 reasons why:

We like to tell the bad stories

People are drawn to hearing negative stories, and the truth is, a lot of people like telling them too. According to Dr. Carly Goldberg, this is often because, “as human beings, it is in our nature to want to be heard, recognized, and validated. One way in which this happens is to allow others to bear witness to our painful and more difficult stories that are filled with suffering.”

When we have people to share our stories with, we build a sense of community. By finding supportive and loving people to surround yourself with, you can build yourself a community filled with positive and inspiring energy. When that is the energy you seek, that is the energy that will fill your life and inform your experiences. This is a key step towards an empowered conception and pregnancy.

Contradictory information will confuse you

For every article you find that says A, you’ll find one that says B. Without the context of your unique situation or the nuance behind different viewpoints, none of it really means very much. That’s not to say that it won’t drive you crazy though!

This can be frustrating with any situation, but when you are thinking about preparing yourself to grow a baby (or if you’re already growing a baby), it takes it to an entirely different level. You’ll find yourself asking, “What am I supposed to be doing??” If you don’t have good support in place, it will be much more difficult for you to find the answers that are right for you (because Google can’t ask you clarifying questions and get to the root of whatever is coming up for you).

Just because you read it doesn’t mean it will happen to you

There is a lot of information out there, and it covers everything that can happen – from the positive to the negative. Especially in the era of blogs where so many women are writing about their stories, it is easy to stumble upon information that can quite honestly freak you out!

Stories are important to share, and they are important to read – sometimes. They can offer great support when you are experiencing something because they can make you feel less alone. When they serve the purpose of increasing your list of things to worry about, it’s time to reach out and find someone who can support you with what’s going on in your body and mind. Your experience will be different from your sister’s, your friend’s, the woman on the internet’s, and even from your previous experiences. It’s important for you to start listening to your stories so you can learn and grow from them.

So what’s the takeaway I want you to have today? Listen to your stories, focus on the positive, and surround yourself with trusting and supportive people so no matter what comes up on your journey, you’ll feel part of the perfect community for you.

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Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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P.S. Speaking of supportive community, we’ll be gathering on the phone in just a few weeks to explore the importance of preparing yourself before you even start trying to conceive. Stay tuned, more details coming soon!