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I watch her go from happy 6 year old, enjoying the moment, to teary-eyed and overwhelmed, or angry and frustrated, in an instant. It hurts my heart and I want to help her.

I hold her close.

“Do you remember yesterday when you wrote the wrong thing on your homework, took a breath, and fixed it. You did a great job staying calm. Do you think you can do that again now?”

Sometimes it’s as simple as we’re holding on too tightly.

We hold on tight to the way we want things to go, or how we want them to unfold.

We wish, we dream, we hope, and then we hold on so tightly that we suffocate any chance of the dream taking flight.

What happens when we let go?

What happens when we take the moment to breathe?

Like magic, what we desire manifests before us.

It may not look like we expected.

It may not come on the timeline we chose (sometimes much sooner, sometimes our work is in the waiting).

It may not even come in a way that we recognize as the desire we manifested.

But it all comes.

I decided to manifest a jar for some work in Hannah’s Magic Making Circle. Later that day, I found the perfect box, glass sides, and the hinge was broken. Perfect. Perfect for not locking up my dreams but giving them the chance to be free.Manifested box

It was better than I ever could have imagined because I let go of the how, the where, the details.

Patience is part of my work right now, and it is part of hers as well. She is learning that a moment can shift everything – expectations, outcomes, who she is.

When we surround ourselves in love, just as I surrounded her in love, we give ourselves the space to recognize when we’re holding on too tightly, and then we can let go….

With Love and Gratitude,