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Sacred Healing Mala

Healing is not about taking away problems, and it is not about a forced idea of fixing something. Healing is about letting in a sense of love and trust, and being will to be comforted in some way. It is from that love, trust, and comfort, that a powerful yet gentle energy arises, that helps to you meet whatever you face with a sense of dignity.

Made with rose quartz, smoky quartz, red garnet, and Botswana agate


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The Sacred Healing mala supports you in finding compassion for yourself along the healing journey. The energy of this mala holds a tender hope and protect you from negative energy that tries to detour your healing.

Made with rose quartz and smoky quartz, hand-knotted on gray silk cord with a Botswana agate guru bead. Approximately 40 inches.

All malas are reiki-infused, coming to you with blessings of energy for offering you the support and love you need in this moment of your life.

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Weight 3.6 oz
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