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Sacred Becoming Starter Sessions

The Starter Sessions are perfect if you are looking for a shorter term commitment to help you work through a specific issue.

Let me know where you are feeling stuck and we’ll work together to get you unstuck and into action by the end of the week. Baby steps or big leaps. This is Sacred Becoming in action.

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When you sign up for these sessions, here’s what you get:

– You’ll have access to me for a week via Facebook messenger or email.

– We’ll schedule a 60 minute call at the start of our week so you can fill me in on what’s going on and what you’d like to see shift. We will work together to find a bite-sized goal that can be reasonable accomplished during the coming week.

– Our conversation will continue through the week, and by the time our Starter Session time together is done, here’s what I wish for you:

  • clarity around the issue at hand
  • sacred action to move you towards your next steps
  • blocks softened or busted through
  • a sense of trust in yourself and the process

After the week if you’d like to continue, you can always sign up for more Starter Sessions if the format works for you, or we can talk about diving deeper with the Sacred Becoming Sessions.

This is a format that I’ve used in the past with great success.


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