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Sacred Comfort Wrist Mala


The Sacred Comfort wrist mala brings you the energy of a warm cozy blanket wrapped around your soul.

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Botswana agate retains sunlight, which makes it perfect for the time of year as we head towards the darkest days, allowing this wrist mala to be a reminder that the light is always within us, even during the darkest of times (figuratively and literally).

This wrist mala helps to balance your energy, allowing you to feel a softness and glow from within to counteract the darkness and negativity that may form around you.

Made with Botswana agate on stretchy cord.

All mala bracelets are reiki-infused, coming to you with blessings of energy for offering you the support and love you need in this moment of your life.

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Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in


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