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THE MALAS continue their journey...

The Malas that have found their homes

These are the malas that have found their homes. Some of these were custom malas, and some people were drawn to and chose to keep them close. I share them here with you in gratitude for the malas that have left my tiny little corner of the world and traveled to places far and wide. I also share them in case you’re looking for inspiration for a custom mala. While no two malas are alike, we can sometimes come close.

Everyone and everything has a story, woven together by experiences, adventures, and dreams.

These malas each have a story and everyone who comes into this virtual space has a story – yes, I’m talking to you. ♡


“I cannot get enough of this mala; it holds incredibly special energy, which I add to every day. I have been traveling a lot lately and I don’t leave the house without it. It is beautifully made with quality materials; it has a beautiful, heavy weight to it. I cannot wait to order one for my husband! A true treasure.”