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Choosing a Mala

“I just refreshed my Etsy tab with your shop and saw the new malas I was waiting for. YES. THOSE.”


Sometimes, you just know. Sometimes you can see or feel the energy and without even knowing what the stones are, without even understanding the meaning and energy they hold, you know that they are meant for your journey.

That is my favorite way to choose a mala, through intuition. Intuition, when we learn to trust it, is unbridled by logic, by that overactive thinking mind, by the decision to be made.

For years I had wanted to purchase a mala. There was a website I would visit. I would make notes about the ones I liked the look of, the ones that resonated with me based on meaning, and you know what? I never bought one. I was in my head and not my heart. My first mala was one that was made by a friend, intuitively, based on a brief conversation about what was going on in my life at the time. I do the same thing now with custom malas.

Third eye to choose

Whether I am teaching a  workshop or the malas are on display at a festival, or people like Sheila see a mala in the shop, I have witnessed this experience in people so many times.

When choosing a mala, I always encourage people to notice what they are guided to first, and then I can tell them about the meaning of the stones.

At a workshop one time, everyone who left with a wrist mala left with the first one they were drawn to, and the alignment of their own energy and the meaning of the mala they had chosen amazed them. There was one woman who was almost in tears when I told her the meaning of the stones. It was perfect for where she was on her journey in the moment.

This can work well if you are seeking a mala for yourself or as a gift. Your intuition will guide you if you let it.

There are moments in our lives when we know there is a certain energy that we need to strengthen and call forth from within us (because all that you need is within you, always, even if it’s dormant at the moment). You may know that you need to cultivate more patience or ease anxiety. Maybe you are going through a challenging time and need to find a source of strength or a sense of grounding. Whatever it is, you can turn to the stones for support. You can search the malas by the energy they call forth or by the stone if you know which stone you are drawn to or you can order a custom mala and we can work together to find the stones that will support you on your journey.

Really, whether you choose based on your color story, the meaning of a stone, or the energy you are seeking, those choices stem from intuition as well. Quiet the mind, open your heart, and trust your intuition to guide you.








“I was so excited to place my order as I’d been wishing for a Sacred Becoming mala for a long while and decided to gift one to myself in celebration of a decade of mothering as my sweet girl turned 10! When the package arrived I could already feel the magic… and the quick shipping, sweet note and beautiful bag added such a nice touch. The mala is so gorgeous and well made. The beads have so much depth, the weight of them is just perfect and the quality is impeccable. The energy infused is wonderful. I can feel all the love that went into the creation of this piece and I am so honored to wear it. Thank you for creating this! I treasure it xoxoxo”