Monthly Writing Group

Let’s come together & write as community

Writing is so often a solitary act. And yet, there is something that can come alive when we invite community into the process.

2020 taught me something important about my own writing practice. The flow of my writing shifted last spring and it took me a couple of months to realize that what was missing was community. No, I hadn’t been writing with others, but I had been surrounded by others. A few days a week I would go to local coffee shop, which was a place of comfort and also fewer distractions. It was the place I could go to settle into my work without worrying about dirty dishes or laundry or what to make for dinner. And if I did get stuck with the words, I’d wander over and talk to a friend for a few minutes, and our conversation would almost always lead me back to the page.

I knew that this year I wanted to offer more opportunities to gather, even if it does mean growing our community in an online forum for now. After the last retreat in November, a few women asked me about leading a monthly writing group, and so here we are.

Let’s write together (register here)

My intention for our time together each month is to have some time to write, and some time to share.
We’ll get to know each other through our words, we will connect with one another, and we will gift ourselves the consistency of a writing practice.

It may not be getting out of the house and away to a coffee shop, but my hope is that you can carve out this time for yourself, let go of distractions, and write.

The details:

  • We will meet the second Saturday of every month throughout 2021, from 7pm – 9pm est. You do not need to attend every month. I do encourage you to make the commitment to yourself and what you need, first and foremost. If that means making this time for writing in community each month, I hope that you do.
  • We will begin each writing group with some grounding activity, maybe a little meditation or movement, and then we’ll spend a few minutes introducing ourselves. It is important to me that we hold this time as a sacred container, and so we will mark both the beginning and end with intention.
  • We will move into our writing prompt, and you will have twenty to thirty minutes to write before we come together and share. Everyone will have an opportunity to share and receive positively structured feedback.

Let’s write together (register here)


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