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When those who are in service to others need a place to gather, to exhale, to refill themselves, Sacred Becoming Retreats is here for them.

Sacred Becoming Retreats are rooted in simplicity and ritual. Xandra creates a sanctuary for those who come to gather, ground themselves, connect with themselves and their community, and have space to look at how their individual and internal work ripples out into the external world around them – their community and their presence within it. This allows them to go back out into the world feeling refueled and ready to serve the world from a place of love and gratitude.

Xandra offers custom retreats for your group or organization. Always with a focus on mindfulness, Xandra incorporates meditation, writing, breath work, and gentle movement into each retreat. She will work with you to create a retreat where she will hold space for your group. Her aim is for those who participate to walk away feeling deeply rooted in themselves and the community and with the knowledge they need to carry that energy forth beyond the event.

Whether you have the location and catering settled and just need someone to facilitate the content of the day, or you are looking for someone to put the entire event together for you, Xandra can help.

NOTE: As of now, all retreats are being offered as VIRTUAL events.

If you’re interested in working with Xandra to create a custom retreat, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Full day retreat pricing varies based on your custom needs, and begins at $1500.





Xandra served as assistant-facilitator for the OC87 Recovery Diaries #writeontheocean women’s mental health writers retreat, though the title of “assistant-facilitator” hardly does justice to what Xandra brought to the weekend. Her warmth, empathy, knowledge, and perceptive intuition were inavaluable in creating a welcoming, safe space for attendees to express themselves, grow into themselves, and create together. Xandra seemed to appear wherever she was needed most– whether liaising between organizers and the hotel to sharing intimate, impactful moments with specific attendees, to providing essential guidance about self-care in a post-retreat environment; Xandra’s presence was adaptable, amenable, and critical to the success of the event.
Gabriel Nathan

Editor in Chief, OC87 Recovery Diaries

The writing exercises helped me sit with what is and the mala making and chant were so grounding. This retreat was nourishing and felt like self care.
Naila F

The retreat had a nice flow and I enjoyed the stillness and time to write and share. I would recommend a retreat with Xandra because it was nice to have time to have alone time and some connection time. Thank you Xandra for all your preparation and presence.
Anita B

I felt calming surroundings and connection at the retreat. Xandra leads without overwhelm – a gift.
Diane W

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