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What if one day a box arrived, and it was more than a box…

What if waiting inside was…

a ritual
an invitation
a new beginning

Introducing the Sacred Becoming Spring Ritual Box,

from my heart to your door

Two options available for $108 – $216

Wondering what is possible with the Spring Ritual Box? Watch this:

Spring Ritual Box Video from Xandra O’Neill on Vimeo. Music by

Who is the Sacred Becoming Spring Ritual in a Box for?

  • those who want to add layers to an existing meditation practice
  • those who want to create a foundation for a new meditation practice
  • those who need connection, not just a video or article to get them started
  • those who want to know what it is like to experience meditation as ritual
  • those who want to care for themselves so they can care for others and the world around them

Why Did I create the Sacred Becoming Spring Ritual in a Box?

  • to bring you everything you need to create a meditation ritual that is full of meaning
  • to give you the gift of time for yourself each day, whether it is for 5 minutes or 50 (yes, you can make this happen in just 5 minutes if that’s where you need to start)
  • to offer you a thread you can carry through this season of new beginnings and renewal
  • to gather some of my favorite items and practices and share them with you
  • to show you how simple a meditation ritual and practice can be
Often we make a commitment to ourselves to begin a new practice or come back to one with deeper intention. And often that commitment gets lost in the shuffle of life.


Let’s recommit together on March 20th, the Spring Equinox, and do it in a way that feels accessible, sacred, and that joins us together in community.

What do you get with the Sacred Becoming Spring Ritual Box?

  • An experience that you can carry with you every day of the season, and beyond
  • A mala made exclusively for this ritual, holding the cleansing and clarifying energy needed to step into spring steeped in the energy of renewal
  • A candle from House of Good Juju that is infused with moon energy and intended to light your way and mark the time of your practice
  • A bundle of sage and etched stick of palo santo to cleanse the space you set up for your practice, or to cleanse your energy whenever you feel the need for a restart
  • A guided meditation created especially for this ritual that can be modified to take five minutes or fifty (written instructions included in the box, audio emailed on the eve of the Spring Equinox)
  • A mantra chosen to accompany this energy of renewal and new beginnings (written instructions included in the box, audio emailed on the eve of the Spring Equinox)
  • A journal to gather the thoughts and inspirations that arise from your meditation practice
  • An invitation to join us in the Sacred Becoming Sanctuary where you can ask questions and grow your meditation ritual within a caring and supportive community

If you have questions about the Spring Ritual Box, send me a message:

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