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Writing Deep Dives – Planting Seeds

There is so much power in coming together to write, and in having the time and space to write in the pockets of time that our lives allow. This two week journey makes space for both.

Years ago, near the very beginning of my yoga teacher training with Corina Benner, she said something that has stuck with me. She said that in life, we plant many seeds, never knowing which will even sprout, let alone root in deeply, grow, and flourish.

And so we plant many seeds, water them, nourish them, and see what will grow.

As we welcome spring in the northern hemisphere, we will gather for two weeks to plant some seeds.

When we plant seeds with our words, we give breath to ideas that have been tucked away inside of us, sometimes for a day, sometimes for centuries. Our writing is a calling forth, a step towards making the intangible tangible, breathing life into our very being.
Not all of the seeds we plant will grow, and that is okay.
 These two weeks are a time to plant, to notice, to bring more attention to. 
These two weeks are a time to write in your own time, and if you wish, gather in a space where you can create a container with others for the words to be held. It will be like planting a community garden.
There are no wrong ways to go about this writing. Your writing can be short or long, poetry or prose, whatever comes forth.
This time to write, this community, is for you.
$80 for the journey, a total of ten prompts, plus a private Facebook community that will be there to welcome you and all that you plant.

Join here.