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Write Yourself into Being Retreat

Sacred Ritual

What if you could sit in the silence and hear your own voice? What if you could write yourself into being and discover who you really are? What if you could explore how to live your life as sacred ritual?

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The world around us is often so loud that we cannot hear ourselves think, we cannot hear the quiet whispers of desire, we cannot hear what our bodies, what our spirits need.

What if you could take a day to quiet the outside world and give yourself the space to listen?

What if you could embrace the idea that you can tune out the noise around you and turn inward?

For as long as I can remember, writing has helped me to quiet the world around me and has been a path deeper into myself, into what I need to know in any given moment, into an understanding that has escaped me through any other means. In the times that have felt most difficult, most chaotic, most confusing, it has been writing that I have turned to again and again.

I have created ritual out of writing, and I want to share that with you.

As I wrote more and more, as I found a consistency and a rhythm to the words, and as I invited play into my practice, I started to get clearer about what I valued and how I was spending my time.

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Over the years, I have taught a lot about ritual and practice, especially about finding your way into the practices in ways that create EASE instead of adding to the OVERWHELM.

Does that idea resonate?

Creating rituals and practices that focus on the tenets of ease and not overwhelm, love and not fear, has been at the core of my work since day one. This applies to many areas of life, and to writing as well. When you let go of what you think a writing practice is *supposed* to be, when you allow your own rhythm to set the pace, you reach closer to the sacred. You let what you love guide you, and you find your way to ease.

I’ve created the Write Yourself into Being Retreat with these ideas in mind.

The retreat will be a day of connection and community, and an intersection of movement, stillness, creativity, and finding our voices (individually and collectively). We will explore and create rhythm and ritual through simplicity, ease, and love. You will write pieces of your story, your past, your present, and your future, and in doing so you will help yourself discover who you are.

My intention for the day is to guide you into ways to be in rhythm with your words, to find flow, and to begin to create ritual around your writing practice.

registration currently closed

Together we will move from silence into sacred ritual, and in the process, we will write ourselves into being.

Writing yourself into being can mean a lot of things, and we will explore this, along with how exactly to do that, and how to take a practice like writing and create a container for it that feels simple and deep at the same time.

Write Yourself into Being is about awakening parts of yourself that have been dormant, waiting patiently to be found.

During the Write Yourself into Being Retreat you will:

* Discover your needs and desires through creative prompts, movement, and self-reflection

* Get clear on the values that you want to guide you

* Uncover and have the opportunity to release the fear and overwhelm that holds you back

* Connect with an intimate group of people in a space of love, ease, healing, and growth


Date: Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Time: 10am – 4pm (I recommend blocking off until 5pm if you can, so you have time for a mini re-entry ritual I will share with you before the conclusion of our time together)

Location: Wherever you are that has internet access!

Cost: $150

If the investment does not work for you at the moment, please reach out. I want this to be accessible to everyone who wants to participate. Likewise, if you’re interested in sponsoring a spot, please let me know.

Note: If you can’t make it on the 1st, you can sign up and receive the prompts in PDF form!

* Space is limited to 25 people to create an intimate and sacred space to gather, share, and grow

Who is it for?

You. Truly, I believe this work is powerful and can be beneficial to anyone. If you have been searching for a way to feel grounded, to find a way into the quiet, and to tap into writing as a path inward, I think you’ll really enjoy the Write Yourself into Being Retreat.

More specifically, this is for you if you have a writing practice and you want to create more ritual and intent around it, or if you would like to have a writing practice and are searching for a way in that feels steeped in ease. If you have any interest at all in writing, or in using writing as a way for deeper self-exploration, I invite you to join us.

Your experience at the Write Yourself into Being Retreat includes:

* Full-day retreat guided by Xandra

* Three writing sessions with guided prompts and opportunities to share

* An intro to mantra meditation and an opportunity to chant together

* Opening and closing rituals to honor the moment we create together

* Re-entry ritual to ease your transition out of retreat mode and back into daily life

* Post-retreat PDF that will keep you connected to your writing practice

This retreat is a chance for you to take a day for yourself, connect with a wonderful group of people, and explore what it feels like not only to honor your words and desires for a day, but to see how you can start honoring them everyday.

registration currently closed

What people are saying about retreats with Xandra:

“The retreat had a nice flow and I enjoyed the stillness and time to write and share. I would recommend a retreat with Xandra because it was nice to have time to have alone time and some connection time. Thank you Xandra for all your preparation and presence.” – Anita B

“I felt calming surroundings and connection at the retreat. Xandra leads without overwhelm – a gift.” – Diane W

“This retreat was nourishing and felt like self care.” – Naila F

“Her warmth, empathy, knowledge, and perceptive intuition were invaluable in creating a welcoming, safe space for attendees to express themselves, grow into themselves, and create together.” – Gabriel N

“Xandra is a leader without the ego. She is in it for us.” – retreat attendee

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