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soothing kambaba jasperAre you ready to create a soothing ritual?

Imagine this… You wake up to a quiet house, slip out of bed in the half dark, go to your favorite spot and light a candle and a stick of palo santo. This is the beginning of your soothing ritual.

You shuffle the deck and choose a mantra card to infuse your practice and guide your day.

You find words in your heart, either the mantra on the card, or a single word, or something in Sanskrit or whatever language speaks to your soul – whatever calls you. You pick up your mala, close your eyes, and begin.

As you chant the mantra again and again, you feel steeped in it, and it begins to infuse your soul. The rhythm engulfs you. With your focus on the mantra and your hand moving from bead to bead, the mind finds quiet.

When you complete the mala, you rest in the silence of your own knowing, and as you are ready, you open your eyes to the day, ready for whatever it holds.

You slip on a wrist mala, carrying the energy from your morning practice with you, perhaps pausing through the day to repeat the mantra. Simply touching the stones as they circle your wrist reminds you of the soothing energy you cultivated at the beginning of your day. This soothing ritual is always available to you. Soothing energy is always within you.

Featured here is the Sacred Soothing mala and wrist mala. Kambaba jasper is a soothing and grounding stone, helping you to find a sense of calm amidst the swirls of life.

If you’re interested in mantra meditation and want to learn more, join us in the Sacred Becoming Sanctuary where I’ll be sharing intro videos, q&a sessions, and group meditation practices.