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Sky of Wonder Mala

Do you ever find yourself looking up when you are trying to find the right words? This mala invites in sky energy to aid you in communicating your deepest truths. Yes, sodalite is a stone of truth, of communication, but the energy of this mala made of orange sodalite goes deeper. The fiery orange flecks serve to burn away that which is not true so that you can find the boldness to speak with words and tone well chosen.

What if the sky was the limit in what you asked for? What if you honored how deserving you are to live your fullest truth? This mala invites you to claim that for yourself. Being able to speak and live your fullest truth requires an openness to wonder, because wonder takes you beyond the limits imposed on you by society and by others who try to shape your truth. Now is the time to shape your truth for yourself.

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