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The sign changes from CLOSED to OPEN as I sit and meditate. When I am done, my eyes glance across the street and notice the shift. I am sitting here, computer in front of me, words somewhere out in the ether, not yet finding their way to me, as I take the mala that has traveled here around my neck and hold it in my hand.

The weight of it. The intention I infused it with during the creation project. The patience I had as I waited for the right beads instead of simply using what I had.

What once was closed is now open. The path is always before us even when it is not clear. Our feet keep moving, our heart guides like a compass, our mind like the swirly stormy wind trying to knock us off track.

And sometimes we fall. And we get back up again. And sometimes we get spun around. And we pause and ground ourselves, rediscover which direction we are heading.

My fingers move from bead to bead, chanting to Ganesha in my mind because I’m in a coffee shop and I need this practice right now. I need to remind myself that no matter where I am, no matter what is happening, I can connect to the practices that ground me, that shift me from closed to open…