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When I sit down to write, I give the words space to form something more tangible than the jumble that exists inside my head.

It is a process.

The words may come out jumbled, one thought running into the next, getting cut off by another until whatever I land on is so far from where I began.

That happens when I am making malas too sometimes. I sit down with an idea of what stones I want to bring together, and by the end, none of the original stones are before me, but what has been created is exactly what was ready to take form.

Our dreams jumble to, take detours, get put on hold or are just tucked in our back pockets until another time, a time that ends up being exactly when it was ready to take form.

Growing up as an only child, I had this dream nestled in my heart that I wanted to be an aunt. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe it was wanting what I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to have. Maybe it just was.

These dreams that we tuck in our back pockets and let travel with us through life are interesting because a few things can happen. Sometimes we remember that they are there, touching our hand to the pocket every once in a while to keep the dream alive. Sometimes we forget about it, or it fades enough in our mind, and we are filled with joy when it is rediscovered (like finding money in your winter coat pocket when the first chill of the season arrives).

This dream of being an aunt was tucked in my back pocket for decades, and last week it was time to take form.

I stayed up late and kept a close eye on my phone, and at 12:50am on April 14th, like magic, I became an aunt thanks to the arrival of sweet Harper Grace.

When you’ve held onto a dream for decades without ever knowing if there would even be a chance for it to come true and suddenly you are holding that dream in your arms, literally, it feels nothing short of magic.

Keep dreaming. Keep tucking those dreams in your pockets and letting them stay close to you. You never know when you’ll reach your hand into your pocket and pull out a dream fulfilled.