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Don’t think with your head, not right now, there is no need. There is too much static there, trying to pull you away from what matters.

What matters. What matters? Remember what matters. See what is beneath and behind and interwoven between all the bits of static. What holds it together is what you are reaching for through your fingers right now. It is love. It is vulnerability. It is safety. It is trust. It is wisdom. It is all the things that society tries to take from us like it is the JOB of society to take these from us.

It is time we rebuild. It is time we till the soil and plant the seeds and nourish them – with sunlight, with water, with love, with wisdom. Whisper to the plants as they grow and let them feed on the truth of strength instead of fear and manipulation.

We grow towards the sun, and we forget this when they set up a false sun and say, Grow this way. Give up your freedom. Give up your power. Give up what you know in your heart is the true and ancient wisdom and believe the falsehoods we feed you. When you start to wonder, when you lean back towards the ancient wisdom, we will remind you, we will bring you back to what we want to be your truth – NO MORE. Break free.

Yes, we can break free from the invisible shackles that bind us, that hold us in place, that keep us from growing, or at least keep us from growing towards our own light, our inner light.

When the people and institutions we are taught are there to protect us, to keep us safe and healthy and cared for, are the ones who rip us part, who violate us in ways sometimes so subtle we do not realize until it is too late, well how do we fight that? How do we keep climbing towards the light when they surround us with darkness?

We go inward. We go back to the source of the eternal light that illuminates the truth. We sit there. We stay. We listen. We breathe into it. We listen until we can hear so clearly that the light breaks the surface of the dark.

And then we move. We take action. We take all of the energy bubbling beneath the surface, allow it to boil, allow it to alchemize. Throw the violations and violence and injustice into the pot and let the heat of the light burn it clean.

We get quiet with ourselves so we can hear without the static and this allows us to find clarity on how to raise our voices, take action, and let the light burst forth and reclaim the darkness