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I sleep
I eat
I dream
I write
I wake
l breathe

If I breathe
In my sleep
Then I wake
Only to eat
And then write
So to dream

I can always dream
When I deeply breathe
And if I write
Then when I sleep
My words I eat
Full when I wake

If I choose to wake
And remember my own dreams
It is then I eat
All the thoughts I breathe
When I return to sleep
My dreams I will write

When my bones decide to write
I know I am fully awake
Though I still exist in sleep
In fluid time I will dream
As long as I can breathe
Ideas form for me to eat

Sometimes poems are all I can eat
Creating them through the words I write
They are all I need to breathe
And in the moment that I wake
I know words are more than dream
So it goes I never really sleep

If I breathe in order to re wake
Then I must eat in order to write
So I will dream to keep from sleep