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In the silence of the morning,
boxes block my seat to meditation and
instead of moving them, I write and I
wonder if Ganesh has placed the obstacles
before me to bring me to another place of
meditation, knowing my needs more clearly
than I do, knowing I can find my voice and my
path here on the page and just
moments before, the darkness was calling me to slumber,
trying to save me from possibility and responsibility, to
curl up inside myself and hide, at least for a little while longer.

But here I am, breathing in the morning with its slow growing
light and the hum of appliances, the ticking of a clock,
the movements of my cat beside me and the traffic down
below, where life is already happening for so many and I sit here,
trying to get my footing on the day, trying just to be and feeling
blocked by boxes
empty and easy to move, but instead I
sit here
and pray through my fingers