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Dark Side of the Moon Mala

There is always more than meets the eye, and to find true understanding you must be willing to sit in the quiet, in the unknown space, and listen. This mala invites you to connect with the idea of sitting with self, sitting with the world, and making space for the unseen to share its messages with you.

The flash in the rainbow obsidian when caught in the right light reminds you that the flash of insight may be hidden right in front of you and you need to take time to slow down and view things from different perspectives to glean the meaning.

The amethyst strengthens your intuition, allowing you to more deeply tune into these messages, and the moonstone illuminates all there is to be learned. The quartz crescent moon amplifies the energy of the mala and reminds you once again that even when you can only get a partial glimpse, the whole is there.

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